Behavioral Health Consultant Microlearning Toolkit

Client was in need of a learning solution partner who could plan, deliver, and launch custom learning content to support behavioral health consultants (BHCs) in contribution to the treatment of uncontrolled hypertension.
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About Client

The Health Federation of Philadelphia, an organization committed to enhancing public health services, sought a learning partner to develop custom e-learning content. Their focus was on empowering Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) working within health centers to effectively contribute to the treatment and management of uncontrolled hypertension, a critical public health issue. This initiative was part of their broader mission to improve health outcomes in the community through innovative and integrated health solutions.

Project Goals

The main goal of this project was to design and implement a comprehensive e-learning course tailored for BHCs working in primary care. The course needed to not only provide in-depth knowledge about hypertension management but also equip the consultants with practical skills for application in their daily interactions with patients. To achieve this, the learning solution had to incorporate engaging storytelling videos, infographics, and interactive branching scenarios. These elements were crucial in facilitating an immersive learning experience that would enable learners to apply their acquired knowledge effectively in real-world situations, thus improving patient care in their health centers.

Final Result

The microlearning toolkit course was launched as a part of the Health Federation of Philadelphia’s initiative to strengthen Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) role in managing uncontrolled hypertension. This course was designed as a mobile-friendly eLearning platform, ensuring accessibility and convenience for BHCs on the move or in various clinical settings. Featuring a compelling mix of storytelling videos, infographics, and interactive branching scenarios that closely mimic real-life patient interactions, the course offered an innovative approach to learning. This design enabled BHCs to visually engage with and practice applying their knowledge in a simulated, controlled environment, thereby improving their proficiency in hypertension management. The successful collaboration of this project highlights the impact of tailored, accessible e-learning solutions in tackling specific healthcare challenges.

Sample Screens

Types of Interactivity

Branching scenarios
Patient profile gamification
Reflective learning journal
Click-to-reveal infographics
Explainer videos
Animated graphics
Knowledge checks


Level of Interactivity

Level 2

Content Readiness

Prepared- The client provided PDF source document of the existing BHC toolkit job aid.


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