Our Mission

Our mission is to craft engaging, impactful solutions that spark curiosity, foster empathy, and drive meaningful change.

Who We Are

At eSPark Consulting, we’re more than your average e-learning agency. We are your thought partners in fostering deeper connections and empathy with your target audience through innovative, human-centered design. 

Specializing in e-learning, animation production, and LMS support services, we make every click an exciting learning adventure. We’re all about diving deep to understand what learners need the most, creating solutions that not only hit the mark but also deeply connect with every learner on a whole new level.

Why Choose Us?


We commit to not just meet your expectations but to go above and beyond to make our clients and learners happy!


Truthfulness is our top priority. We promise to always be sincere and genuine, valuing your trust above all.


We embrace innovation, always exploring new approaches to make learning memorable.


We make every effort to understand you and your needs, crafting solutions with a heart of empathy because your journey is ours too.

Meet Esther

As the founder and learning strategist of eSPark Consulting, Esther is the creative mastermind. Drawing upon 17+ years in learning theory and practice, you can count on Esther to spearhead a collaborative project that make learning stick, spark curiosity, and elevate your people.

Recognized as the top 30 EdTech influencers to follow in 2020.

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